Donald Trump making America Great Again

About Our Great President


Donald Trump is most recently known for his business acumen in the casino industry, where he opened the Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Marina and other Atlantic City landmarks, as well as his success on the highly acclaimed, show the Apprentice……who can pass up his patented “You’re fired!” comment?


I personally admire this man, the son of a New York landlord and developer who made it to where he is via his Chutzpa, intelligence, and just plain courage. His successes have come not only from his investing of his money but his ability to put together a deal where everyone has the potential to come out a winner and he minimizes his risks.


From the buying of the Miss Universe Pagent, optioning the West Side Rail Yards (one of the biggest pieces of the most expensive real estate in the world – Manhattan), to finishing the skating rink in Central Park, he is a master at developing the deal. He is blessed with common sense – a rare commodity in today’s age.


Trump is also a master of branding, with his name on helicopters, jets, golf courses and tons of buildings. A full book could be written on the subject of building brand awareness with the Trump name alone. I highly recommend anyone seeking wealth, fortune and the chance to be a millionaire study up on Mister Donald Trump.